Monday, May 2, 2011

April 29, 2011

Mom & I Before I was Wheeled Into the Operating Room
Amongst all that is going on in the world from Bin Laden to the new Duke and Duchess... Joey and I finally have our own "new beginning."

On Friday, April 29th at 2:30pm, I went into the Surgery Center of Fort Collins and got ready for the biggest moment of my life, thus far.  I signed the necessary papers, put on my surgery gown, had the IV inserted into my hand and laid down on the hospital bed.  (After the IV was put in, the worst was over for me!)  Then my mom and Joey came to my bedside and sat with me while we waited for my surgeon to give me the okay to head back.

Our Surgeon/Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Bachus, came to my bedside and explained that he would be performing the laparoscopy and from there he would decide what the best plan of action would be.  If he found a normal uterus or a bicornuate uterus, I would be in and out within 10 minutes because the procedure would only be diagnostic.  However, if he found a septum, he would then go ahead and remove it.  At this point, all we could do was just wait and see...

Around 5:30pm, I heard my name being called by the post-op nurse and realized I wasn't at work.  (I had previously been dreaming about case managing one of my clients.)  I looked around and realized that I had been under anesthesia for over 2 hours.  The nurse told me to take deep breaths and I laid there taking the best deep breaths that I could.  Thirty minutes later I was able to stand up, get dressed and go meet my Mom and Joey in the recovery room.  I began to sit down on the big comfy chair in the recovery room, when they walked in with sh*t eating grins from ear to ear.

"Did you hear the news?"
I had no clue.

"The doctor found a septum halfway down your uterus AND endometriosis.  He was able to get rid of it all.  You are as clean as a whistle inside!"

It would end up taking me another 24 hours to really let it sink in, but those were the best words I had ever heard.  I called it my "Christmas in April".  The surgery was over, the septum was identified and removed AND endometriosis was identified and removed before it caused me any more problems later on.

From here, I need to heal for 3 months, have one more MRI to make sure that my uterus healed properly, and then it is all in our hands.

It can really play with your mind when you go from a zero understanding of why you continue to miscarry and if you will ever be able to have a "normal" pregnancy, to having the world open up in front of you and the doctor telling you that you are healthy and good to go.  I'm still processing the whole situation in my head, and probably will be for a little while.  Luckily Joey and I start counseling next week with the same LCSW that helped us through the grief and loss of Baby.

Our journey to a family continues with cautious excitement and unexplainable relief.  I just can't thank the doctors, family and friends enough that have supported us to get to this point.


  1. Aw, I am so happy for you.
    thats wonderful <3

  2. I was diagnosed as having a bicorniate uterus in 2006, shortly after my husband and I married. We conceived in October that year, and miscarried in December. After another m/c in early mid-2007, our ob-gyn referred us to an RE, where I had an HSG and surgery for my SEPTATE uterus. After surgery I had alot of difficulty conceiving and started taking clomid to induce ovulation. Next pregnancy in 2009 was a blighted ovum, where baby never developed. In 2010 we found out we were expected for the 4th time....after I had a negative blood pregnancy test, anthrax, smallpox and typhoid vaccines, and deployed to Iraq. One month later I was getting sick and took a test. Low and behold, I was sent to Germany and had an ultrasound that showed an 8 week fetus. I came back to the U.S. and miscarried 1 month later. They believe it was from the immunizations. We finally decided this year, after so much heartache, that maybe adoption was the way to go for us. I just want to be a mommy however I can. Well, about a week after we got the packet in the mail, I found out I was pregnant! I am currently 20 weeks 3 days, and we just found out we're having a girl. I was on prometrium from 4 weeks until 12 weeks, and spotted the entire time. It was very nerve-wracking, and I had alot of bad days where I thought I was going to m/c again, but baby is kicking away in there as I type. I, too, have gone through such dark times, anxiety attacks, heart flutters, anger, loss of interest in everything, drinking too much, etc. I know you said you went through alot of those things as well. I just wanted to say I know what you have been through, and keep positive. I think I am truely proof that miracles can happen! I'll be praying for you and your husband to have a successful pregnancy!

  3. I came across your blog googling Septate Uterus. I have had two miscarriages due to my condition. It's nice hearing a positive outcome to your situation. I am having my septate removed in 3 days! No one can understand the excitement that my husband and I have, unless you have been through it. I will finally be "normal". A potential for a normal pregnancy makes my heart fly! I appreciate you sharing your story and know that it gives others hope. Congratulations to you and your husband and I'll be keeping ya'll in our thoughts and prayers.