Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Post-Op Questions (???)

It's been a week since my post-op appointment.  I brought with me a list of questions to ask Dr. Bachus.  I will now list the answers.

1. Endometriosis is a condition in which the tissue that behaves like the cells lining the uterus (endometrium) grows in other areas of the body, causing pain, irregular bleeding, and possible infertility.  The tissue growth (implant) typically occurs in the pelvic area, outside of the uterus, on the ovaries, bowel, rectum, bladder, and the delicate lining of the pelvis.

My Ovary - Pre-Endometriosis Removal
2. There is really no way to keep an eye on it.  It could grow back in 6 months, 10 years, or never.

3. Our Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Bachus, will follow us during the first trimester of my next pregnancy to make sure that things are moving smoothly.  At that point, we will then move back over to our regular OBGYN.

4. The Septate Uterus answers why we miscarried at 6 weeks and 19 weeks because the embryo and baby did not have enough blood supply to help them grow.

5. The septum was more than 50% down the center of my uterus.

The bottom right photo is the best picture they could get of the Septum. 

6. I can start running again 2 weeks after the surgery! :) (More on this later.)

7. The endometriosis was removed by laser destruction (or diathermy).

8. We have an 85% - 95% chance of having a normal pregnancy on our next try.

9. I will need to take a Baby Aspirin every day during my next pregnancy as a way to prevent blood clotting.

10. I have as much of a chance as any "normal" pregnant woman to have a full-term vaginal delivery when the time comes.  And at this point in my life, it really doesn't matter how Baby arrives, just as long as Baby is healthy and crying loudly upon arrival.

11. A picture to prove that I was diagnosed with a Bicornuate Uterus and reminder that second and third opinions are so important to be able to finally reach a peace of mind.

12. A picture of my original HSG, which never would have been able to give us our true diagnosis of the Septate Uterus.  I'm so happy we had the laparoscopy/hysteroscopy! 

The End.


  1. I am so proud of you Liss for sharing your journey with us. You and Joey have been so strong and we will always be here for you. I love you so much!

  2. I dont know you but your blog posts on what you went through really hits me. Im from Hawaii, lived in Loveland/Fort Collins for a while and recently moved to Dubai with my husband. We are headed back that way in February (no place like home!) We were recently pregnant, got to hear the heartbeat at 7 weeks. My doctor also found a large cyst on my left ovary during the transvaginal u/s, told me to come back in two weeks to see if it is growing or not. Two weeks later, no heartbeat, cyst the same size. I experienced for the first time a missed miscarriage. Had all the same symptoms of a viable pregnancy so it was tough. I dont know the reason for it but ʻsheʻ stopped growing at 8 weeks. I had a D&C a couple weeks later. Went back for two followups on the cyst. It was still there and not decreasing with the decrease of hormones. Now the cyst had septations and blood flow. We have scheduled laparoscopic surgery next week to remove the cyst. The kicker for me is this: A thorough scan of my uterus showed a heart shaped (Y-shaped to me) uterus. My doctor called it a septated uterus. Im sure you can see my confusion as they are different diagnoses. In addition, why couldnt she detect that during the D&C? I will let you know (if you are interested) in what she says when they go in to remove the cyst (Im hoping she checks out my uterus). Anyhow, your story has given me HOPE when so many things seem to be wrong. Im 35 and already feel high risk. I do not know how I would cope with another miscarriage, especially into the second trimester. I feel so sorry for your loss but I hope that since you are now perfect inside, things will move swiftly and you will have a healthy a water bath if you prefer! ;o) Take care and God bless all you do. Thank you.

  3. I found your blog on Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope. I am very sorry for your loss. I too lost my baby, Lily Katherine, who was stillborn at fullterm on March 16, 2010. Although I wish nobody else had to know this pain, it's good to know I'm not alone and there are people who "get it." I'd love to have you follow along on my blog as well:

    Blessings, Hannah Rose

  4. Hey I just found your blog, currently I am going through some of the same things. I lost my baby at 21 weeks gestation and it maybe due to a septate uterus. I am awaiting test to determine what it is and whether or not I can have surgery. Thanks for writing your blog it makes me feel that I am not alone.